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Now, a combination of mechanical ultra-fine particle filtering and synthetic fuel optimisation presents the first complete solution for a long and reliable engine life

The filter insert from micfil is made up of a tear-resistant fibre net with interwoven cellulose fibres and boasts an incredibly high dirt absorption capacity. The filter housing is made of saltwater-resistant aluminium or stainless steel (corresponds to the applicable IACS shipping provisions, with a melting point above 925°C).

Micfil ultra-fine filtering system

1. Mechanical ultra-fine particle filtering

The micfil ultra-fine filter system filters dirt, combustion, oxidation and abrasive particles down to 0.5 μm in size out of the fuel.

Standard filters only remove particles down to 6 μm in size from the fuel. In many cases, this is insufficient, given that the high injection pressures found in modern engines require particularly pure and clean fuel. The filter system from micfil provides a unique solution: For the first time ever, the high particle filter performance of the Ultra Fine Filter enables extremely small particles down to 0.5 μm to be filtered out of the fuel before it reaches the fuel system. The filter can be installed on either the suction side or the pressure side. This ensures the best possible protection for injection nozzles, injection pumps and piston rings, as well as a considerable extension of their service lives. Moreover, significantly fewer particles reach the combustion system and the engine oil.

WS water separator

2. Fights bacteria chemical-free

Water in the fuel tank provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae. These micro-organisms and their excretions lead to dark, slimy deposits and acids. Bacteria can reproduce at an incredible rate. In the right conditions, they double every 20 minutes!

Micro-organisms and their slimy excretions block filters and form tank sludge. In extreme cases, this may lead to a complete blockage of the entire fuel system and engine failure.

With the micfil system, water is completely separated from the fuel. A chemical insert is no longer necessary and there is no risk of bacteria building up a resistance.

Die Vorteile des Wasserabscheiders sind:

  • 100% separation of water from the fuel.
  • Maintenance-free - no filter inserts to change.
  • Water and dirt particles are drained either manually or automatically.
Lifetime Power Fuel

3. Synthetic fuel optimisation

Even greater engine performance

A fuel that has been enhanced with Lifetime Power Fuel burns in a more complete and cleaner manner. The combustion process leaves behind no residues in the combustion chamber or on the valves. Old coking residue is gradually and carefully broken down, most importantly freeing the injection nozzles of any deposits.

Compliant with DIN EN 590

Fuel that has been treated with Lifetime Power Fuel fulfils the technical specifications defined by the engine manufacturer for the warranty.

Suitable for all fuel types

• Using Lifetime Power Fuel gradually removes harmful deposits.
• New deposits are prevented from forming.
• Wear is reduced.
• There is a rapid visible improvement with regards to soot.
• Soot emissions are reduced by up to 60% after only 2000 operating hours.
• Harmful discharges in the oil are reduced.
• Seals are protected.

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