Engine Cleaner Dark

Cleans the engine from the inside

Lifetime Engine Cleaner Dark is an engine cleaner for all engines with inner coated oil sumps. It can be used both for combustion engines and diesel engines and rinses and cleans the engine from the inside. The highly effective cleaning additive loosens the sludge and coating residue and surrounds solid particles as well as liquid contaminants. These are bled off with the used oil when changing the oil.

In a chemical reaction highly effective cleaning additives reduce dirt particles into their smallest solid components. These are partially caught in the oil filter and partially held in suspension by the oil.  They are then bled off with the cleaner -used oil mix and the oil filter changed.

The fresh engine oil can again develop its full lubricating characteristics and the functionality of the piston rings is re-established.

What makes the Engine Cleaner Dark so special in comparison with conventional engine rinses?

Highly effective:
The Lifetime Engine Cleaner Dark is based on an innovative recipe. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in its manufacture.

The cleaning agents are especially protective in order, for example, to protect the elastomers used in the engine. Moreover, Lifetime completely dispenses with ketones to additionally protect the seals.

During the cleaning process large particles decompose to such an extent and the viscosity of the engine oil reduced so much that the dirt is either held in suspension or is caught by the oil filter. This means that when the oil and filter are changed no dissolved particles remain in the system and the engine oil can flow unhindered.

Optimised efficiency in the system.
The special recipe of Lifetime Engine Cleaner Dark has been so well tailored to its purpose that it does not enter into any chemical compound with the engine oil. This means that overcleaning of the fresh oil by the residual amounts left in the system is prevented and no polymers can form.

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