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Our unique two component cleaning oil  2K CLEAN frees the inside of your engine powerfully and at the same time gently from all deposits.

Longlife products

The result is clearly visible for everyone:

On with Longlife DIESEL or Longlife FUEL optimized fuel burns more completely and much cleaner.

The engine oil additive based on inorganic multilayer submicron fullerenes, SEAL, leads to a significant reduction in friction and noticeably less wear in the engine.

Before After

Tried and tested in inland navigation

Longlife Diesel Green is widely available on European waterways and enjoys high acceptance in inland navigation. The reason for this is easily understandable: A fuel optimised with Longlife Diesel Green burns more completely and cleanly. You can find more information about this under:

Nonglife products for inland navigation
Longlife products for commercial vehicles

Modified for commercial vehicles

The high level of satisfaction of our customers in the inland waterway transport sector spurred us on to develop an equally effective product line for users in the land transport industry. Just see for yourself:

100% regional
The maintenance system
for used cars

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